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Winson’s 5” gauge Britannia

7 1/4” gauge 0-4-2 Tank Loco

Common Problems and their resolution. Over the ten years plus that we have been trading as Professional Model Engineers, we have re-built over 40 Kit locomotives in 5” and 7 1/4” gauges, Traction Engines and Steam Lorries from mainly 2 manufacturers, who have now ceased trading. All of these have involved a large amount of re-machining and re-manufacturing to produce acceptable tolerances and in the case of many locomotives the re-profiling of  all wheels to accepted SMEE Standards. Another very common and  troublesome problem in these kits is the development of steam “blow-pasts” in the valves and between the valve liners and cylinder blocks, which we correct by remachining the blocks, remaking close fitting liners and manufacturing new correct sized valves. Our Price to do this for a 2 cylinder locomotive is £1,450.00 in 5” gauge and £1,780.00 in 7 1/4” gauge - this price includes all the fitting work required to remove and replace the cylinders in our Workshops. A 3 cylinder loco will cost £1,640.00 in 5” gauge and 4 cylinders £1,980.00.

Modelworks 5” gauge “Duchess”

5” gauge BR 9F “Evening Star”

A total re-build and paint with hand applied paint lining will cost between £6,000.00 and £13,000.00 depending upon the size of the model (Tank engine to Express passenger Loco and gauge, whether 5” or 7 1/4”). The price is also workload dependent, i.e. how much re-machining/ re-manufacturing is required to produce an acceptable result.

All of our steam engines are track tested to ensure good results - all tests are recorded and kept for future reference.